Having spotting to get pregnant, can acupuncture help?

Women have monthly menstrual cycles which start from bleeding from the vagina for a few days. A typical cycle is 28 days and period last about 5 days. The blood is red on the heaviest days and it is pink, brown on the lighter days. There should be no vaginal bleeding between the periods. Some women have light bleeding between the periods or so-called spotting. This is considered not normal. There are many causes leading to spotting. Some of them can be serious; some of the cause of spotting cannot be found. Hormone imbalance is a common cause for spotting. Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that regulate the menstrual cycles. If these hormones are out of balance and their levels drop causing uterine lining breaking down, spotting may occur. These two hormones are produced in ovaries, this could indicate that the ovaries are not functioning properly. Thyroid gland problem could be one of the causes.

Of course, starting or stopping birth control pills can cause spotting. If you want to get pregnant, and you have spotting, this could be a problem. If you have spotting between periods, the egg quality is not good enough, because it does not produce enough hormones to sustain the uterine lining; the uterine lining is not good enough either because the lining is breaking down during spotting and it causes inflammation in the uterus. These affect fertilization and implantation. As a result, you would have difficulty to conceive or have miscarriage. Acupuncture can help regulate hormones and reduce inflammation to help to get pregnant.

For example, spotting could be caused by low progesterone level. Progesterone is produced by corpus luteum which is the remaining part of the follicle after egg is released. If corpus luteum is not high quality and it dies early, there is no enough progesterone produced which could cause spotting or short luteal phase of the period. In both circumstances, it could cause fertility problem. Corpus luteum requires large amount of blood flow to support its function. If your circulation in ovary is not good enough, corpus luteum would not function well and cannot produce enough progesterone to support endometrium which causes spotting.

Poor corpus luteum could relate to poor egg quality. This is because corpus luteum is formed by a part of follicle which contains vascular blood vesicles to supply nutrition to egg. If this part of blood circulation is poor, both egg quality and corpus luteum quality could be compromised. As a result, it may cause difficulty to conceive.

The key to solve the problem is to improve circulation in ovaries. Acupuncture could be a good candidate to treat spotting. Acupuncture stimulates nerve ending to reduce sympathetic nerve activities, this relaxes blood vesicles in ovaries and improves ovarian circulation. As a consequence, corpus luteum and egg quality are improved. This increases your chance to conceive.

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