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Feeling tired and low energy, how to boost your energy?

Fatigue is a very common complaint. How to boost energy and reduce fatigue with acupuncture? Blood circulation is a key step to boost energy. Blood circulates throughout the body and brings the energy to the cells to function. If blood circulation is poor, the nutrients will not reach the cells which need energy to do the work. You will see symptoms of fatigue. System circulation is the part of the cardiovascular system. Microcirculation is blood circulation in the smallest blood vessels which comprise arterioles, capillaries and venules. Arteriole wall is made up of smooth muscles, while there are no smooth muscles on the capillary and venule wall. Lymphatic circulation consisting of lymphatic capillaries also contributes to the microcirculation function. It carries oxygenated blood away from the heart through the arteries, capillaries to the tissues of the body. It provides the functional blood supply with oxygen and nutrients to the cells to all body tissue. It picks up carbon dioxi