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The Supportive Role of Acupuncture for Egg Freezing: Enhancing Female Fertility

In recent years, the process of freezing eggs has revolutionized fertility preservation for women. This procedure, known as oocyte cryopreservation, allows women to preserve their eggs at a younger age when they are typically healthier and more fertile, thereby extending their reproductive options. While egg freezing itself offers tremendous advantages, the complementary use of acupuncture has emerged as a supportive therapy, offering potential benefits for enhancing female fertility during the process. What is Egg Freezing Egg freezing involves extracting a woman's eggs, freezing them at very low temperatures, and storing them for future use. This technique has become increasingly popular among women who wish to delay pregnancy for various personal or medical reasons. It provides them with the opportunity to preserve their fertility potential and have more control over their reproductive choices. The Supportive Role of Acupuncture Acupuncture, a traditional Chinese medical practic