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Saturday, 10 December 2022

Neck pain, fascia and nuchal ligaments in the neck.

Fascia and nuchal ligaments in the neck

Surrounding muscles, blood vessels and nerves, there is a layer of fibrous tissue called fascia. In the neck, there are a few layers of fascia that support the structure of the neck. Some of the fascia blends in the ligament at the midline of the neck. This ligament is the nuchal ligament in the neck.

Nuchal ligament attaches the bottom of the skull and extends all the way along midline of the neck down to the last cervical spinous process (from the seventh cervical vertebrae, the lowest cervical vertebrae on the neck). It limits the flexion of the neck and provides sites for attachment of some muscles including trapezius, splenius capitis, rhomboid minor and serratus posterior superior and cervical spinalis. Ossification, fibrosis and inflammation of the ligament result in neck stiffness and pain.
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