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My background: I became a qualified medical doctor in Western medicine in China and was well trained in Western medicine together with Chinese medicine in the best Medical University in Beijing, China. Particularly I was trained with Ji-sheng Han famous professor and neuroscientist in China and with Dr Zheren Xuan--famous orthopedics expert and founder of soft tissue surgery in China. Furthermore I had training in dermatology and oral and maxilofacial surgery in China. Also I had training in fertility and had research experiences in uterine smooth muscles and blood vessels in China and the UK. I am dedicated to treat patients with acupuncture and am recognised as one of the world leading acupuncture specialists.

I obtained a PhD degree in the University of Leeds in the UK.
I had post doctoral training and worked as a senior researcher in St George's hospital, London, UK.
I had frequently presented my research findings in the top international conferences in the field.
I have many publications including ebooks and articles.

I have many year clinical experiences. Over the years of practicing in London, I have developed unique effective treatment approaches for cosmetic acupuncture, acne, pain relief including vulvodynia, bladder pain, pelvic pain, chronic prostatitis, neck pain, headache, migraine, shoulder pain, back pain, stress relief, anxiety, fatigue, fertility, hot flushes, nerve pain, insomnia to achieve best treatment results.

My devotion and skills are highly praised by my patients.

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Guest blog articles

M Ju. (2015) What Part Does Acupuncture Play in IVF?
The Journal of Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Volume 22 Issue 1 March 2015 P21

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Chinese herbal medicine stories: Fu Ling

Fu Ling (Wolfiporia cocos, Poria Mushrooms)

Fu Ling (Wolfiporia cocos, Poria Mushrooms) is an edible and medicinal fungus that grows in association with pine trees.

This is the first story about Fu Ling. Once upon a time, a councillor had a daughter named Ling. He had a strong lad named Fu to help look after the household. Fu was hard working guy, the councillor’s daughter loved him secretly. When the councillor knew this, he was extremely unhappy. He said that they were not in the same class and could not get married. He fired Fu and grounded his own daughter and made her engaged to a guy from a rich family. Fu and Ling heard this and they both ran away from the family and lived in a small village. Later, Ling had rheumatism and could not get out of the bed. Fu was looking after her day after day. One day Fu went to the mountain to pick up herbs for Ling. Suddenly there was a hare in front of him. His arrow hit a hind leg of the hare. The injured hare ran and Fu chased it closely. When they reached felled pine forest, the hare disappeared. Fu looked for the hare, but he could not find it. Instead he found his arrow inserted into a black ball shaped mushroom. He pulled out his arrow from it and found that something white came out from hole of the black ball mushroom skin. He picked up whole mushroom and cooked for Ling to eat. Next day Ling felt better. Fu was so happy and picked up lots of this mushroom for Ling to eat. Gradually Ling’s rheumatism was getting better and she was completely recovered. Fu and Ling was the first to find this and they were name Fu Ling.

Another story about Fu Ling. Genghis Khan leaded his army to fight in the war in central plain in China. It was raining for a few months. Most of the soldiers suffered from rheumatism. They faced to be defeated and extremely worried. By accidents, a few soldiers had Fu Ling and their rheumatism was healed. Having heard this Genghis Khan was incredibly happy and get some people went to Luo Tian town where Fu Ling were produced to buy Fu Ling. All soldiers and officers ate Fu Ling and recovered from rheumatism. Therefore, they had won the battle.

Poria Mushrooms are produced in Yun Nan, An Hui, Hu Bei provinces etc. in China. They are light in flavour and neutral in nature. Daily dose is 10-15 g. They are attributed to heart, lung, spleen, spleen and kidney meridians. They have diuretic effects and remove dampness, nourish spleen and calm the mind.

Pharmacological study has demonstrated they have diuretic effect, anti-inflammatory effects and inhibit edema; they also regulate immune function through the regulation of immune molecules such as cytokines; they also have antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-hypertonic stress activities, relax smooth muscles.


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