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Maggie Ju (2014) Current opinion in acupuncture on stroke rehabilitation

The Journal of Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Volume 21 Issue 2 September 2014 P9

Maggie Ju. (2015) What Part Does Acupuncture Play in IVF?

The Journal of Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Volume 22 Issue 1 March 2015 P21

Maggie Ju (2020) The Potentiality of COVID-19 Treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK

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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Acupuncture is a valuable treatment for chronic pain from the head to toes (No 2 Neck pain)

The neck is made up of vertebrae bones, cervical discs absorbing shock between the bones, ligaments, and muscles. It supports the head, allows for movement and it is the most flexible part of the spine. Inflammation, or injury can cause neck pain or stiffness. The characteristic of the neck pain include aching, burning or stabbing or shooting pains with stiffness and tightness. The pain may get worse by holding the head in one place for long periods, such as when driving or working at a computer; It is often accompanied with muscle tightness and spasms and decreased ability of turning the head, and headaches. Neck pain is very common. About 2 in 3 people had neck pain at some point in their life. A survey in the UK has shown that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men between ages 45 and 75 had current neck pain.

The common causes of neck pain or stiffness include muscle tension and strain, poor posture and overuse, such as sitting at a desk for too long without changing position, sleeping with the neck in a bad position, neck injury during exercises, sports, accidents and falls. Activities like painting a ceiling, or swimming breaststroke with the head in a fixed position that involve tilting the head back against the neck can cause neck pain. During these incidents, the muscles and ligaments at the neck were injured and inflamed. Neck pain is often accompanied with shoulder pain and headaches.

Acupuncture is a valuable treatment for neck pain.

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