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Doctor who is passionate about acupuncture

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Maggie Ju (2020) The Potentiality of COVID-19 Treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK

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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Stress and immunity

Stress occurs when the body is responding to the challenging circumstances. This responding includes physical and psychological aspects. One of the systems that responds to circumstances is the immune system. What is immune system? The immune system comprises special cells, proteins, organs, and tissues that provide protection against harmful stimuli to the body such as injury, infection etc. Immune system is also responding to the stress. During acute stress lasting a short time, immune cells are moved into the bloodstream, potentially preparing the body for forthcoming events during fight or flight. Acute stress also increases blood levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines. When the stress persists, it can become chronic which makes the body stays in the fight and flight mode and creates chronic inflammation in the body. This compromises the immune system function and leaves the body more vulnerable to the any challenging situation such as injury, virus and fungus infections. The new research suggested that chronic inflammation and compromised immunity also contribute to the early aging process.

Acupuncture creates microinjury to the body, reduces stress and keeps immune system well functioned.

Jennifer N. Morey, et al Curr Opin Psychol. 2015 Oct 1; 5: 13–17.

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