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Doctor who is passionate about acupuncture

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Maggie Ju (2014) Current opinion in acupuncture on stroke rehabilitation

The Journal of Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Volume 21 Issue 2 September 2014 P9

Maggie Ju. (2015) What Part Does Acupuncture Play in IVF?

The Journal of Chinese Medicine And Acupuncture Volume 22 Issue 1 March 2015 P21

Maggie Ju (2020) The Potentiality of COVID-19 Treatment with Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK

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Monday, 19 November 2018

Egg freezing, how can acupuncture help?

Many women are postponing their plans to have a family until their 30s. Unfortunately a woman’s fertility declines with age, and particularly rapidly after the age of 35, The eggs are running out which increases the risk of age-related infertility. How to extend fertility age? Egg freezing is a way to extend women’s fertility years. Egg freezing is often referred to as fertility preservation because it allows a woman to preserve her fertility for late age. It can be performed for medical or social reasons. Egg freezing is performed using advanced cryopreservation (freezing) techniques. Similar to IVF treatment, the age at which a woman freezes her eggs is an important factor in her success rate for achieving a pregnancy using those frozen eggs later in life. Can acupuncture help in this process? Yes, egg freezing is a very stressful process. Acupuncture can reduce stress. Acupuncture can also increase blood flow to the ovaries to increase the chance to get good quality of eggs.

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